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I started making artistic "memory bears" for clients in 1997 through my business Hanna Bruce Bears & Teddy Hospital®.  I retired in 2017 and as of January 2019 I came out of retirement from the teddy hospital part of my business as a lot of my past clients were contacting me for repairs.

I am helping patients on a case by case basis.  Please email me with a photo of your patient and what they need and I will respond with a rough estimate and instructions.  


My Heart and Soul Memory Bears are my main focus of my business now.  These bears are made out of clothing or special fabric from their loved one that has passed away.  This can be anything from a military, police, fireman, sheriff’s uniform with utilizing the badges or stripes, etc., old sweatshirt, shirt, coat, blazer, or any piece of clothing that you would like.  I have also made these out of wedding dresses with lace, etc.

These bears are becoming popular on the web.  The difference with my "Heart and Soul Bears" is that they are very detailed and I pay attention to details of patterns of the fabric as well as use buttons and accessories from the clothing to make accents.  I also take special attention to the fact that this is a piece of clothing from your loved one that you lost.  I have made numerous bears and have excellent references if you would like one.  I really enjoy making these bears and they touch the heart and soul of every customer I send the finished product to.

In my gallery you can find photos of some of the bears I created over the years. 

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